Getting Married

Danielle Marie Bennett and Andrew Jacob Gremlich have decided to get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity!

The sealing ceremony will take place in the Jordan River Temple on May 28, 2021.

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Explore a timeline of important events with Danielle and Andrew dating. Throughtout the entire relationship, Danielle and Andrew strengthened their relationship with dates and constructive conversations.

Fall 2015

Danielle and Andrew meet for the first time at BYU-Idaho, while Andrew is living with Danielle's brother, Chris.

April 2016

In a leap of faith, Danielle moves to Utah to attend nursing school.

August 2018

Andrew moves to Utah to get more skill in his career.

28 June 2020

With prompting from her brother, Danielle invites Andrew to a socially-distanced lunch.

2 July 2020

Danielle comes to a game night that Andrew is hosting. Suprisingly, conversation flows well and Danielle stays for hours.

18 July 2020

As a test of Andrew's hiking skills, Danielle hikes Timpanogos with Andrew and another friend. Andrew does not disappoint. The speed demon!

21 July 2020

Danielle accidentally asks Andrew on date to visit her great-grandparent's and his mother's graves. Andrew readily agrees.

19 August 2020

After seeing Andrew shirtless for the first time (at a pool activity) Danielle and Andrew officially start dating.

25 August 2020

Danielle and Andrew hold hands for the first time in a Wal-mart parking lot. Very romantic!

30 August 2020

Danielle and Andrew have their first kiss under a full moon. Oo la la!

1 September 2020

Danielle and Andrew have their first (food) fight.

12 September 2020

Danielle catches Andrew off guard by saying, "I love you." Andrew returns in kind.

21 September 2020

Danielle and Andrew discuss their potential future together, and bring up the *gulp* "M" word.

23 October 2020

Danielle and Andrew go on a weekend adventure to Zion National Park. They don't get sick of each other. Job well done!

26 November 2020

Andrew starts to scheme propsal ideas.

5 December 2020

Danielle and Andrew fast and pray, and they decide to get married on May 28th.

8 December 2020

Danielle breaks her ankle ice skating at a ward activity. Sir Andrew of Taylorsville carries Danielle into Instacare.

14 December 2020

An hour after finishing her last final, Danielle gets ankle surgery. Andrew supports her through the whole ordeal.

26 December 2020

Andrew arrives in Seattle to visit Danielle's family. He is reintroduced as Danielle's boyfriend.

29 December 2020

Andrew and Ted Bennett have an extensive future-son-in-law conversation. They discuss Andrew's history and what it means to have a family.

9 January 2021

While ring shopping, Danielle and Andrew stumble upon two local treasures: Jonathan's Jewelry and Josh the Amazing Jeweler.

12 February 2021

Andrew seals the deal with potatoes in a treasure chest and a shiny ring!

27 February 2021

Danielle and Andrew brave to cold so that they can take engagement pictures with the talented Natthaya Beatty!

13 March 2021

Danielle and Andrew travel to Kingman, AZ, so that Danielle can meet Andrew's parents.

28 May 2021

Danielle and Andrew seal the eternal deal!

Danielle's words

To say that Andrew came into my life unexpectedly is the understatement of the century. My dating life had become so complicated (only to be further complicated by COVID) that I had resolutely decided to go on a long-term dating sabbatical. You know what they say, as soon as you stop looking for it, you find it!

Having known Andrew for 5+ years, and despite my brother’s occasional hints that I should date and marry Andrew, it seemed unlikely that anything would ever blossom between us. I am not going to lie, at first it was really hard to open myself up to dating someone again, least of all my brother’s best friend, but Andrew kept surprising me. He was so kind and tender that he melted my bitter, lonely heart.

Before I knew it, I had fallen head-over-heels in love with Andrew. His kindness, bravery, maturity and yes, his awkward dancing in the grocery store, won me over.

I love how effortlessly thoughtful he is, and how humility and empathy just seem to be part of his inherent nature. There isn’t a hint of guile in him and I trust him more than I ever thought possible. He has stood by my side during some of my hardest moments, and has made me laugh (as well as \face-palm) the rest of the time. I am so excited to be marrying Andrew and I look forward to all of our future adventures!


Thoughts from Andrew

One of the first conversations that Danielle and I had in our relationship, was what it meant to grow old together. We both agreed that one has to have a willingness to be always by the other's side, no matter what they are going through. Luckily, I feel like I have gotten to know Danielle well enough that I want to be by her side. By being by her side and supporting her, I know I can contribute to us growing old together.

Here is what I know of Danielle. She is such an ambitious person. I admire her greatly for all the things she wants to do. To feed her ambition, she has an incredible work ethic. Danielle wants to make a difference. There are important attributes that Danielle exhibits. She is caring and loving towards those that might feel rejected. Because of that, she has a golden heart. I feel like she knows what it means to have a successful life.

I have been able to see fruit from my relationship with Danielle. We like to visit and be around people. By visiting with people together, we are able to give other people attention. That way, people know they have a friend in us. We like to be ambitious together. We do dream in our own different realms of potential influence. We are, as Danielle would say, intellectually discontent with the little knowledge that we have. We are very open to challenging ideas and to learning more about life. We love to have fun, laugh, and dance; even if I am no where near as skilled a dancer like Danielle! There have been a variety of activities that we have tried, and we have come out enjoying just about all of them. Danielle enjoys those activities too, speaking of which, I absolutely love seeing her big and wide smile when she is having fun! It is clearly obvious to me that we have an effective relationship!

I am humbled at the thought to be with her, in eternity. From the time that we have been together, I know that we can work together. We can work together because we are willing to listen and teach the other in the relationship. I am confident in our ability to stay together.

In the end, yes, I love Danielle very much.


Gift Registry

Danielle and Andrew would be very grateful for any gifts help to get their lives started together. They are registered in the following locations.

Amazon Wedding Registry List.

Target Wedding Registry List

Wedding Day

Due to the present COVID pandemic, precautions will be taken into account to reduce disease spread. It is because of this that we will be limiting our celebrations to close friends and family only. We hope to celebrate with all of you in the future when the world is a little safer!

We have had many questions about our wedding day. We will be sealed the morning of the 28th for time and all eternity in the Jordan River Temple. For the sake of keeping things safe and simple, we will be having an intimate luncheon that afternoon, then will leave for our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico the next morning.

For an opportunity to meet the couple, there will be a socially-distanced picnic-meet-and-greet on May 20th at Bywater Park from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Please contact Danielle or Andrew for more details.

Color Guide

These colors are our wedding colors. We invite all to wear these colors if they choose.

Thank you!

From our hearts to all of the generosity that we have received in our lives, thank you dearly!

Made by Andrew with feedback from Danielle.